Indie Shuffle: Sometimes less is more and that's perfectly encapsulated with Alex Siegel's style.

Stereofox: The Santa Monica-based artist is soon to become my latest obsession, he absolutely nails the lo-fi, lazy day vibes that just makes for effortless listening.

KCRW: Today’s Top Tune: The languid "Daydreaming Pilot" is the latest from this California-based artist.

Indie Music People: Sometimes you encounter an artist that seems born to be unique, with an organic sound that just doesn't sound like anyone else.  When I first heard Alex Siegel, it was hard not to have the thought "where on earth did this guy come from?"  I knew I loved his songs from the first listen.

The Wild Honey Pie: LA’s Alex Siegel has mastered the wistful summer song. “Daydreaming Pilot” pairs the high vocals of a Beach Boys tune with an acoustic guitar that sounds like it belongs in Kurt Vile’s catalogue. Siegel plays all of the instruments on his records, which is perhaps what makes his sound so unified and gives them the illusion of simplicity. All of the elements — his vocals, the guitar, the percussion, a piano and a subtle wind instrument — fall so seamlessly together that it’s hard to hear them separately, which is perfect for a song about a one-track mind. As Siegel’s voice tours blissfully around the word “daydreaming,” his sighs harmonize in the background. Like “Walking on a Pretty Day” or “Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” “Daydreaming Pilot” is a sad narrative wrapped in a happy melody.

frtyfve: Siegel’s dulcet tones and lo-fi alt-pop sound makes “Daydreaming Pilot” effortless easy-listening. With features on Ultimate Indie and New Indie Mix, Alex Siegel has picked up 1.9 million new playlist followers this week, taking his total to over 3 million

Plastic Mag: Blending airy soundscapes with subtly driving rhythms, Alex lays down warm falsetto harmonies to create his dreamy sound. His latest effort is an intricate, laid back affair equally suited to summer drives as it is to providing solace in the depths of winter.

Obscure Sound: Atmospheric and melodically caressing, the track really shows its hook-y charm toward the end, when Siegel repeats “round and round” over beautiful, twinkling keys with a timeless appeal. 02:10 onward is bliss.

Kaltblut Magazine: Those summer sunrays don't feel so far off with Cali born and raised Alex Siegel's latest single 'Headspin'

Xune Mag: ‘Daydreaming Pilot’ mixes together lo-fi alternative pop with influences from the Beach Boys and Toro y Moi. The track is led along by Alex’s haunting vocal ability and immense guitar skills all wrapped nicely together with soothing vocal harmonies.

Born Music: Alex Siegel‘s latest single ‘Daydreaming Pilot’ has a sound that is akin to floating in the clouds. On his second track of the year, Siegel’s reverb-soaked vocal flies around the track, while acoustic guitar twinkles and sparkles. Piano slowly enters the track, building upon the already present yet faint synths and wind instrumentation. For a song that revels in its small, intimate atmosphere, there is a surprising amount of instrumentation hidden in this brief track. We should really expect this level of craftsmanship from Alex Siegel, a multi-instrumentalist currently based in California. Taking inspiration from genres as far ranging as bosa nova and hip-hop, Siegel is well versed in music, and uses this base of knowledge to make warming, intimate tracks. Playing every instrument in his tracks, Siegel’s music has a human connection that many others could probably not recreate.

Get Some Magazine: LA native Alex Siegel is known for his eclectic music taste. Mixing any and all styles of music, his latest release is a slow, soothing melody. The single, “Lonely Days”, reflects on heartbreak and healing. Alex Siegel really creates the perfect mood for anyone wanting to feel emotional.

Huffington Post: Röykkä is a sublime work of musical art, smooth and graceful, with elegant lyrics and Siegel’s honeyed tenor directing the way. I’m adding this one to my personal playlist and you should too. If you don’t, you’re doing yourself a disservice.